You can buy almost everything from China. Including 2 axis gimbal for less than 50 Euro. Websites like BangGood and Aliexpress sell them worldwide. The only question is: are they any good? I've decided to check that out and I have purchased Eachine Light-2D Brushless Gimbal w/Motor&Controller For DJI Phantom. Of course, it is not only for Phantom. If you can mount it on your multicopter, you can use it. Why not, it is a clone of BaseCam SimpleBGC 8-bit. The most general purpose gimbal controller there is!

Eachine Light-2D Gimbal

So, is it any good?

Eachine Light-2D Gimbal

Eachine Light-2D Gimbal

2D Light Gimbal from Banggood

This is not a full review yet. More like few thoughts after first weekend with this gimbal.


  • Cheap! C'mon, 50 Euro!
  • Aluminium frame has higher quality than I expected,
  • Motors are also fine,
  • You can mount it upside-down, like on last picture above, and it still works,
  • It is working! Even better than I expected. Currently my quadcopter frame is suffering for some vibrations, so some jello is there, but it works,


  • Rubber dampers are not matched correctly. Vibrations lowered only when I added some preliminary squeeze with zip ties,
  • Whole construction likes to vibrates,
  • After first flight one of the screws "unscrewed" itself from vibrations. I had to apply anaerobic glue on all of them to prevent gimbal from falling apart in flight,
  • USB connection with configuration software is iffy. Sometimes it works, sometimes there is only "Serial data corrupted" message. I will try external FTDI adapter this week,

Here is a short video from few days ago. Gimbal is not correctly tuned yet, but instead of that stabilization level is visible. Especially that is was a windy day with a lot of turbulences in the air. Gimbal behaves much better at low speeds, what is a problem, since I have to learn to fly slower :)