QmuBeacon – open-source Arduino GPS locator/beacon drone is now public

If too long didn’t watch: it’s a GPS equipped beacon/locator DIY system based on popular radio development boards compatible with Arduino: LoRa32u4 and ESP32 LORA32 working in 868/915MHz band using LoRa modulation. You put a beacon on anything you want to track: airplane, drone, car, boat, wife, husband and use Locator to get distance and heading. Both beacon and locator are battery operated and should have a range of a few kilometers in the air.

One thought to “QmuBeacon – open-source Arduino GPS locator/beacon drone is now public”

  1. Hi Pawel,

    Do you use Telegram for this project?

    You mention that you might connect to INAV to get GPS info.
    Will you be using MSP or is it possible to get plain GPS info over UART or SoftSerial?
    If I’m not wrong MSP comes in many versions and that might lead to an support issue.

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