Project “GPS Racer” – worklog #1

I know that I should not start new project when old one are still in progress. I really, really know that. But since I’ve somehow lost my interest in Project Dualcopter and I have a real need for a new quadcopter, Project “GPS Racer” has finally started.

What is GPS Racer? During my work as INAV developer, I’ve realized that I do not have a good platform for it. The only GPS enabled multirotor I own is Sparrow Hawk. And it has a gimbal, weight 2kg and is hard to transport. When Sparrow Hawk crashes, there is always something broken.

So, to be able to test navigation related features of INAV, and not have to rebuild every single crash, I’ve decided to build dedicated UAV. For most elements I will be using parts that I already have. I only had to order frame, propellers and GPS module.

  • Frame: Realacc X6R (6″ props, 250 size) which essentially is Reptile X4R 220 without PDB and with longer arms
  • Motors: EMAX RS2205 2300KV
  • ESC: FVT LittleBee 30A
  • Propellers: 6030 (for slightly more efficiency than 5-inchers)
  • FC: Airbot Omnibus F4 Pro
  • GPS: Beitian BN-880

At the beginning there will be no FPV, but how knows, maybe I will give it also a night vision camera for night operations?

Hand on Realacc X6R quadcopter frame

Realacc X6R quadcopter frame

Realacc X6R quadcopter frame

Like I wrote before, Realacc X6R 250mm quadcopter frame is more less the same as Reptile X4R. Only without PDB. It also comes in 5″ (X5R) and 4″ (X4R) sizes. In every variant, it is the same body, with arms of different length. My previous experiences with Reptile X4R 220 are very positive, so I’m quite optimistic about this frame too. Arms are really thick and should be able to take any beating I will apply to it.

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