Project “Dropship glider” – failure #1

I’ve described my Dropship Glider Project here. Previous weekend I finally tested its ability to glide when dropped from a drone 50m above the ground. And well… to be honest, I failed hard this time. Just see this short video from FPV camera:

Dropship survived two drops. After second one, AIO camera/transmitter combo got damaged.

Glider befor lift off

What went wrong? I’ve identified following design flaws:

  1. I was affraid Center Of Gravity was too far back, but instead it was way too far forward
  2. Tether release mechanism was not working reliably
  3. Tether release was in the middle, but should be in the back. Instead of hanging nose down, it was dangling almost horizontaly. When release, instead of gaining speed, it was staling and starting to spin uncontrollably. During second drop I regained control just before “touching down”
  4. Maiden flight during windy day is never a good idea…

As soon as replacement FPV camera arrives I will make second attempt. This time with “smarter” COG and improved tether release mechanism…

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