Preview: cheap APM Power Module for Cleanflight

Recently I’ve got my hands on a pair of cheap APM Power Modules from eBay with integrated 5V BEC and current meter (90A max). Although they are APM designed and will not work stright away with STM32 flight controllers like Naze/CC3D/SPRacingF3 (or rather would work only once since they are 5V scaled and those flight controllers require max 3.3V input) I have an intention to make them work!

So far, I’ve concluded that:

  • current measurement is done with Texas Instruments INA169 and 0.5Ohm shunt resistor
  • analog current out is 5V scaled, so probably 90A current flow results in 5V on meter output
  • voltage sensor output has 1/2 voltage divider. We can ignore it, most SMT32 flight controllers have voltage dividers (CC3D does not, but 1/2 is not enough in this case)
  • It more less works with a 1/2 voltage divider between current sensor and flight controller. Requires some tweaking, but something is measured. Will require scaling!
  • Integrated BEC works, and this is all I can tell about it I’m affraid

cheap apm power module for cleanflight

One thought to “Preview: cheap APM Power Module for Cleanflight”

  1. Hello there, my name is Heitor Barcellos, i’m from Brazil, so bear with me please.
    First of all, I wanna say thank you for all your videos, thanks to you i’m learning a lot!!
    I’m building a flying wing, based on an old CC3D. Just got it all working (OSD and GPS).
    I have the same current sensor as showed in this picture above, but i can not make it work.
    Can u please help me?
    I’m using a PWM receiver, so i’m getting the softserial 1 (Port) enable.

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