PPM signal support for FS-i6 radio

FlySky FS-i6 (or branded Turnigy TGY-i6) is a very decent 6 channel entry level RC radio system. But support for PPM (CPPM) standard is somehow not clear. I have no idea why manufacturer keeps PPM support data so well hidden. Anyway, here it is: how can I enable PPM on i6 radio system?

FlySky FS-i6 (Turnigy TGY-i6) 6 channel 2.4GHz radio system with FPV mount

PPM signal is supported only on FS-iA6B (v2) receiver, FlySky FS-A8S Mini receiver and a couple of compatible ones: FlySky Pro Micro, FS82 Micro Receiver and iRangeX Tiny 2.4G 6CH Flysky Receiver

FS-iA6B v2 receiver with PPM and i-Bus

No PPM on FS-iA6 receiver

It is not possible to enable PPM signal on FS-iA6 receiver. So if you have simpler one, you would have to buy iA6B. Also, PPM signal is not enabled by default. To turn it on, you have to change radio settings:

  1. Open Menu and select “System setup” FS-i6 system setup
  2. Enter “RX Setup”FS-i6 RX setup
  3. Navigate to “PPM output”FS-i6 PPM Output
  4. And change it to “On”FS-i6 receiver PPM Output

This is all. From now on, FS-iA6B will output PPM 6 channel signal on port 1 labeled “PPM/CH1”.

You can get FS-iA6B from here.

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      1. FS-IA6B
        PLEASE, will you tell me how I can gat a rssi signal out of this RX.. from PPM-naze32-micro minim osd. what prong do I use on the FS-IA6B to supply the minim osd the rssi signal to a micro minim osd?

      2. FS-IA6B
        PLEASE, will you tell me how I can gat a rssi signal out of this RX.. from PPM-naze32-micro minim osd. what prong do I use on the FS-IA6B to supply the minim osd the rssi signal

  1. Can i use both 6 ch from the ppm and also the other pins as pwm at the same time?
    So i will have 11ch total?
    I update the transmiter to have 10 ch so i need more than 6 from the ppm

  2. If I enable PPM is PWM output disabled ? In other words: Can I have 2 different quads – one using IA6 RX with PWM and the other using IA6-B with PPM ? Thanks

  3. TenGonzález un eachine blade 185 que venía con una flysky i6. Actualicé el drone y ahora no enlaza con la emisora. Entro en el menú de la emisora y no sale la opción de activar y desactivar ppm. No existe. ¿que puedo hacer?

  4. Thank you. For 3 days I couldn’t get my ia6b to talk after binding. Now it works like a champ. Turned on the PPM setting.

  5. I am trying to bind my FS-IA6B to my 9XR Pro with a Fly Sky module FS-RM002 but cannot get it to do so. I have the Tx in PPM and hooking things up as they should be but no luck. I get the fast blink no matter what I do. Any ideas?

    1. It’s the same for me as Sully. My Eachine i6 does not have a PPM setting in the RX settings. In cleanflight the receiver is showing no response from the radio.

  6. It appears that the Eachine I6 transmitter ( latest model) does not have ‘PPM on” available in the menu, because it’s default is PPM, and it does not appear to be able to output PWM…. I have checked this with an RTF Eachine V-tail 250 Quad I purchased, which came with the Eachine I6 transmitter. The receiver on the Quad is outputting PPM to the the controller (which is an onboard version), as there are only three wires from the receiver to the controller, so it is PPM or maybe Sbus. I also noticed that in the specs fror the RTF Quad, the section on specs for the I6 transmitter states output as ‘PPM ‘. I have been unsuccessful to date in trying to set up the transmitter with Librepilot and PPM . I have tried connecting to different ports, and changing inputs to the controller, but cannot get a signal from the transmitter in the setup section. Can anyone help?

  7. Hi all, would really appreciate some help . Recently purchased Eachine Wizard X220 with FlySky FS-ia6b receiver and I6 2.4G 6CH remote. The receiver is connected to the FC via PPM. I have bound my remote to the receiver no problems, and turned on PPM under the RX setup. The red light on the receiver turns on when the remote is powered up, with the controller also showing ‘IntV1’ and ‘RX’ on the LCD which leads me to suspect that it is connected to the quad. In Betaflight I have the Receiver set to PPM RX Input. Now when I select receiver it only shows the AUX 1 at 1675, all other values are 0. When I play with the controls nothing happens. Can anyone please help with this?? THank you

  8. Greetings all,
    I hope your day is well as you’re doing the same. I’m using an SPF3 FC, FlySky IA6 receiver and the controller that came with it and am having trouble getting stick inputs on betaflight. I’ve wired everything correctly, updated/flashed firmware to the FC, and searched for countless days on why I’m not getting stick inputs. If anyone could help I would be beyond grateful. Thanks!

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