NEJELaser Master Driver and Software

NEJE Master aka NEJELaser Master aka KKmoon Laser Engraver is a family of cheap laser engravers/cutters. They come in a variety of laser powers, from 3500mW, by 7000mW up to 20W. Bear in mind, this is the electrical input power, not real optical output power. The 20W module has a real power of around 5.5W optical. Still, it’s enough to cut through 3mm plywood in 2 or 3 passes.

Anyhow… NEJE made it extremely hard to download their software. The web server where they store ( it is extremely slow! The transfer is well below 3kB/s and breaks very often. This is why I’ve prepared a small package. It contains Windows driver for NEJE Laser Master and version 4.7 of NEJE software. You are welcome!

Download NEJE 4.7 and NEJE windows driver here

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