My Reptile S800 Sky Shadow flying wing

I am fully aware that Reptile S800 Sky Shadow EPP flying wing is not a fresh topic. It is on the market for much more than a year and the internet is full of reviews. So it will not be a review. I will only say that I like S800 very much. Much much, much better than ZOHD Nano Talon 😉


  • Flight controller: Matek F405 Wing, the best INAV compatible flight controller for fixed-wing airplanes. Period
  • Motor: T-Motor F80 1900KV – it’ an oversized mini quad motor. With 2408 it’s slightly too big for drone racers but provides a shitload of trust and torque for small airplanes. Oh yeah, it’s rated for 1000W 😉
  • Propeller: APC 6×4 clone. Combined with the T-Motor F80 1900KV it’s enough for 120km/h flight. Too bad one has to cut foam on S800 to fit 7-inch props
  • ESC: Racestar 35A Tattoo – just works
  • Video transmitter: TBS Unify Pro HV
  • FPV camera: RunCam PZ0420M
  • Radio system: FrSky R9 Slim receiver with EU LBT firmware and FrSky R9M TX module. With the latest firmware, this thing finally works, but it’s kind of far from perfect…
  • Power is provided by 4S mini quad LiPo battery. I had to replace the main compartment cover with 3D printed one and cut some foam to fit it. I like to keep my batteries unified so I can swap them between airplanes and drones
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