Mozilla Firefox is in serious trouble

Mozilla Firefox browser is in a serious trouble

Believe it or not, but Mozilla Firefox (back in the days when it was still called Mozilla Firebird) was the first modern web browser. Even in early beta stages, it was so much better than Internet Explorer, that almost anybody who tried it, dropped IE and just used Firefox instead.

Of course, over the year, the saying “the best is the enemy of the good” was once again proven to be true. No matter how to look at it, WebKit is a better web engine, Chromium is a better browser foundation and Chrome is just a better browser than Firefox. It’s lighter, faster, better supported, more extensions and backed up by the biggest tech company out there: The Google itself.

It was not a big surprise that users slowly migrated from Firefox to Chrome. I did the same years ago (probably around 2010). After that, I made a few attempts to check different browsers. I had an adventure with Opera, liked Microsoft Edge (the old one) for a moment, and 3 months ago I went to try Firefox again. Why? I needed DNS-over-HTTPS, got bored with Chrome and decided I’ve been feeding Google with my personal data for too long.

My adventure with Firefox lasted 3 months until I finally gave up. I’ve been trying, but there were a few things that at one point stopped being peculiarities and became a real pain in the ass.

Before I will write down what I do not like about Mozilla Firefox, let me point out the things that I do like: Data import was very unproblematic!\ I like the layout of an “Empty Tab”. The most used and suggested websites actually make a lot of sense Firefox does a lot to help protect my privacy, including a separate container for Facebook built-in Very nice “multi-search-engine” integration Very nice multi-device integration. Working on multiple computers and smartphones was a real pleasure

However… The list of problems maybe is not long, but definitely has a heavier weight than the pros. This include: Some pages were reloading themselves. Just like that. No warning, no reason, reload… Quite irritating I run a YouTube channel, so I use YouTube Studio. I just have to. With Firefox, it was an extremely painful experience. Multiple UI problems, serious performance problems, browser hanging. I do not know it this is Firefox fault, YouTube fault, on Firefox version of TubeBuddy plugin. No idea. But at one point I just had to start using Chrome for YouTube to be able to work efficiently Some performance problems on other websites as well Multiple minor UI problems. Like you know, you expect this menu option to expand on hover, but you actually have to click it. And other things like that. Irritating!

As a conclusion. Is Firefox a bad browser? No, it is not. It’s just not good enough for modern standards! Competition is just better at it. Too bad. Rest in peace, Firefox…

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