Matek SAM-M8Q and SAM-M8Q Compass GPS modules hands on

You might say that UBLOX NEO-M8N (Beitian BN-880 for example) is the workhorse on INAV and other drones with GPS functions. It is reliable, well know and proven. But it is also big and heavy. So why not try something new?

Matek did tried something new and just provided me with two brand new GPS modules of their: Matek SAM-M8Q and SAM-M8Q Compass with a QMC5883 magnetometer. One is only a small GPS module suitable for airplanes (flat surface) while the other one has also a QMC5883 compass that makes it a perfect choice for multirotor drones. Let’s take a look at those two and figure out if they might be worth it.

One thought to “Matek SAM-M8Q and SAM-M8Q Compass GPS modules hands on”

  1. So what do they perform like? have you actually fitted on to any planes yet? i have a SAM-M8Q and can get 10 sats on the bench outside, no flight yet still busy with config.

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