Make your drone stands out with insulating tape

Everybody knows that red is the fastest color. Ferrari has proven that years ago. With red Turnigy Graphene LiPos I’ve bought recently, I’ve decided to make my ZMR250 quadcopter stands out a little. In a cheap and dirty way: if I have red battery on top of ZMR250 and I can buy a propellers in almost any basic color, why not to go one step further?

Idea of making the whole drone red was in my head for a second, but it died a sudden death. Paint would not do. Too fragile and too effortful. Instead I’ve visited a hardware store and purchased color insulating tape. They come in different prices, sizes, qualities and of course colors. Classical black, green, blue, yellow, red, etc.

At home I’ve applied red tape around arms and ESCs. That also allowed to get rid of zip ties that I used to hold ESCs in place before. They were not good. Insulating tape is not only stronger by also protects ESCs better from dirt and water.

Red is the fastest color on 250 quad

Effect? Quite nice, I like it very much. Red props (DAL T5040 that I will review soon), red arms, black carbon and Turnigy Graphene are looking nice together. And this ZMR250 for sure no longer looks like regular ZMR250. All for just a few cents worth of insulating tape!

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