Large wooden BiCopter

You just know a great project when you see one. Like, for example, large BiCopter made from wood and running INAV and flight controller software that kermets has built.
BiCopters might look strange, but the idea is quite simple. Instead of 4 motors, we have 2 motors and 2 servos tilting the motors. Like a one step further from a tricopter.

Similar idea (not the same, only similar) is used on large helicopters like Boeing CH-47 Chinook

2 thoughts on “Large wooden BiCopter”

  1. there’s something you don’t see everyday. i’ve never seen a vertically mounted controller before. didn’t know you could do that. also, how does iNav know how to control the motors. i’m assuming that to rotate, one motor swivels back & the other forward, so… how does iNav know how to do this?? or was there programming involved?

    Russ from Coral Springs, Florida, USA

    1. It’s all about the mixer. You only have to inform how you mounted motors and servos and how they affect movement

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