Few hours ago official release of iNav 1.1 has been published. Comparing to few month old version 1.0, there were many changes, including few very very important. In my personal order of importance they are:

  • Default settings for Position Hold and Return To Home has been retuned, so they behave almost perfectly. Take a look at videos I've been posting here from time to time. Outstanding performance on defaults!
  • There is only one PID controller now. It's is called FP-PID and I already wrote few words about it here
  • GPS signal handling has been greatly improved. Both number of satellites and well as HDOP should be rock stable now. Previous versions had a tendency to loose signal from time to time
  • Fixed Wind airplanes support
  • Waypoints
  • Surface Following mode using Sonar.
  • Single page OLED Display showing useful data instead of many screens showing all available data
  • HeadingLock mode that helps UAV to keep desired heading even with external forces and applied. It does not require magnetometer! I will try to write few words on this topic soon
  • New 4-way BLHeli passthough interface
  • Cleanflight Configurator reports HDOP fix quality instead of number of satellites now
  • GCS NAV Follow me mode to be used together with EZ-GUI
  • Many, internal changes and small features that makes iNav experience really incredible!

Happy flying everyone!