iNav: Waypoint Mission

This video was taken few weeks ago during my tests of Waypoint Mission implemented in iNav.

Hardware setup:

  • Transporter Q7.6 600mm quadcopter frame
  • SPRacingF3 Acro with BMP085 external barometer
  • Beitian BN-880 (ublox Neo-M8M)
  • 10×4.5″ APC props
  • EMAX GT2218/08 1100KV motors
  • 5000mAh 3S battery

Software setup:

  • iNav pre 1.1
  • Default navigation PIDs
  • Slightly tuned FP-PID, quite close to default values
  • GPS nav model: HIGH_G set gps_nav_model=HIGH_G
  • Velocity calculation done by GPS module set inav_use_gps_velned=ON

Mission plan:

  1. Take off in Angle model
  2. Follow 3 waypoints on total distance of about 300m, constant altitude of 10m
  3. At last waypoint goto Position Hold mode
  4. Manually engage Return To Home mode
  5. Automatic RTH and land

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4 thoughts to “iNav: Waypoint Mission”

  1. I’ve watched this vid a few times – GREAT performance! looks like you have things tuned well. which is why i would ask if i could get hold of your CLi Dump. i’m sure by now it’s different from when you had this video made, but i’m also sure that it’s probably even BETTER by now.
    i’m quite the beginner to all this, but i do have iNav loaded and have had medium success with it’s performance, and i know whatever needs to be done has to do with me tweaking some of the factors in CleanFlights CLi <– some of which i do not have full understanding of, on my QAV250's Naze32.
    1) velocity calc by GPS module – set inav_use_gps_velned=ON …. does this mean that if you have it set to OFF, velocity is calculated by either the onboard gyro/accelerometer?
    2) does the "set gps_nav_model=HIGH_G" make a big difference to you? in what circumstances would you use LOW_G?

    Thanks, again, for puting this out there!
    My email, in case you didn't get it from below:
    [email protected]

    russ from coral springs, FL, usa.

  2. This was a good article. How did you connect the BMP280 or BMP085 to the F3? Is it connected in parallel with the magnetometer? A wiring diagram of your set-up would be most appreciated.

  3. Why use external barometer? I often use nav_wp but the altitude like always not correct. it’s up and down, up and down. Does external barometer can solve it?

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