iNav: RTH with land mission

This video was taken last weekend during tests of latest changes implemented in iNav, as well as new GPS module Beitian BN-880 I shortly described here.
Mission plan:

  • Take off in Angle mode,
  • Engage 3D Position Hold
  • Fly away 100m
  • Return to Position Hold
  • Engage Return To Home mode


  • Beitian BN-880 performed well. Quadcopter returned home with 1m accuracy. Constant fix on 15 sats all the time and HDOP at 1.2
  • No problems with magnetometer inside GPS module
  • No bigger problems during whole mission. I still have to work on yaw behavior. At the moment FP-PID and linear mixer from Betaflight can cause some strange yaw behavior on bigger quads. Fix should be available soon
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2 thoughts to “iNav: RTH with land mission”

  1. I’m hoping to test the new iNav out this week – getting down to the final setup. very excited. this vid shows that the whole thing works wonderfully. how do you have the RTH set up as far as Altitude?

    Russ from Coral Springs, Fl, USA

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