INAV on rovers, boats, crawlers, tanks and other ground vehicles

What can INAV do? Well…. it can fly your multirotor drone and a fixed-wing airplane. And it can do it pretty nicely! Unfortunately, that is all it can do. Now, at least.

Every year or so, I’m building an RC airboat and always wanted to build a rover based on some kind of an RC crawler. Running those things without any flight controller is more than fine, but I always wanted to have at least RTH capability. You know, when something happens a few hundred meters into the lake and you really do not want to swim there to recover the boat. And no, you really do not want to do it.

This is why for INAV 2.5 I’m preparing a packet of improvements:

  • Correct reversible motors handling. The current 3D mode is, well, not working like it should be working! So it has to be rewritten. As a bonus, it will serve 3D multirotors pilots too!
  • INAV navigation is not using yaw on platforms other than multirotors. To overcome this rather big problem, I’m currently testing another INAV navigation PID controller. When done, it will be able to use rudder on airplanes and steering on cars, rovers, tanks, and boats of all sorts.
  • Ground and water vehicles have no altitude control. After all, they are not airborne. INAV always tries to control altitude. It’s not a big problem, but need solving
  • Rovers do not have to loiter. When they reach their destination, they can just shut motors off. INAV does not know how to do that yet, it will try to loiter instead.

I’m also working on an INAV rover based on a WPL C24 4×4 RC crawler. With full GPS and FrSky R9 onboard!

2 thoughts to “INAV on rovers, boats, crawlers, tanks and other ground vehicles”

  1. Looks really promising to push the limits of “non quads” a bit further – I am in boats and planes only except dji drones and the related goggles I use for planes too, the DJI racing goggles with the digital air unit and camera and also analog for a nano talon evo.

    I wanted to get inav working on my matek unit / planes this summer cause currently I use only the Kopilot from ZOHD that came with the Nano talon kit and maybe it is useable for my boat too.

    Thanks + great work on inav and youtube channel

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