INAV jumped over the bench

Let’s say I have almost a good news about sonar support in INAV: yesterday I flew terrain following mode with experimental INAV code. And did not crashed when shooting video below. I did crashed next code version, but that is only a minor detail, right?

  1. When shooting that video I did not touched throttle stick. Altitude control was 100% automatic
  2. It is US-100, not HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder!
  3. US-100 was connected to Omnibus F4 Pro using experimental I2C interface with ATtiny85
  4. If you want to try it, here is the code. But be prepared to crash 🙂

6 thoughts to “INAV jumped over the bench”

    1. This is experimental code that was not released and probably will not be released since will be replaced with something more advanced. And yes, official releases of INAV are not supporting surface mode yet

  1. Nice! So in general it would be usefull only up to 2m, but in practice – even less? What could be the applicaton of this sonar usage? For precise landings? Fly by surface? Or just low altitude hold?

    1. In practice it all depends on a rangefinder, surface, wind and so on. Good hardware, better results. Usages? All of those 3 you mentioned

  2. Hello, how is it supposed to function from the pilot’s perspective?
    Is it like when the throttle stick is in the center, it keeps the current distance from the surface, and by pushing the stick up or down momentarily, the pilot sets a new distance? Or is the whole range (inav_max_surface_altitude) spread across the throttle stick range and a certain stick angle corresponds to a certain distance?

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