INAV Configurator starts minimized and how to fix it

This is one of the most frequently reported things about every new version of INAV Configurator: from time to time, it starts minimized and it can not be made visible. It is a bugger connected with a fact that INAV Configurator does not have an installer. It's just "download and run" and after releasing a new version, we can not delete stored data during install. Since there is no install process.

One thought on “INAV Configurator starts minimized and how to fix it”

  1. I have other software that used to do this – it was perplexing for some time. i finally found out that because i had been using 27″ 4k monitors and had them magnify the text on the screens (my eyes fail me, dammit!) that the magnification setting was my problem. this may not pertain to you, but if it is, then temporarily turn off the magnatism and search your screens!
    hope this helps,
    Russ from Coral Springs, Florida, USA

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