INAV Configurator 1.6: Presets

Upcoming INAV 1.6, and INAV Configurator 1.6 will bring many important changes. I will try to cover most of them in a next few days, beginning with Presets.

Because INAV can run very wide spectrum of aircrafts, it suffers a penalty of very general default values. Different frame sizes, propellers, multirotors, airplanes, flying wings. It is impossible to have one set of default values that will make all those different UAVs fly good right after flashing. And it’s not only about PIDs. Also rates, filters and other settings differs between them. Good default tune for 5″ racer will not work on 1.2m flying wing or 1.6kg quadcopter on 12″ propellers.

To solve this problem, INAV Configurator 1.6 introduces new tab: Presets.

Presets tab allows to apply default settings designed for a specific type of UAV:

  • 5″ Racer Quadcopter
  • 10″ Propeller Multirotor
  • 12″ Propeller Multirotor
  • Generic airplane
  • 600mm Flying Wing

Presets do not overwrite all settings. While filters or PIDs will change from preset to preset, Failsafe, Modes or Ports are never altered.

List of presets in Configurator 1.6 is not closed. New presets can be (and will be ) added to the list in the future.

3 thoughts to “INAV Configurator 1.6: Presets”

  1. Excellent, this needs to happen. Also hope 1.6 will add back in sonar support. I really appreciate your posts.

    On your earlier post regarding cleanflight, Seems like development has pretty much stopped. Would be good if somebody could reach Dominic and find out what his plans are.

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