iNav: Cleanflight learned how to do missions

In my recent post I mentioned that iNav flight controller software (fork of Cleanflight) introduced missions. Missions are preprogrammed waypoints that drone will fly to in specified order and/or do specified action at each of them. For example, if pilot wants to make a video on specified route, he does not have to pilot his drone all the time. He enters waypoints and lets machine do everything else. In this entry I will show how to configure iNav to do missions.


  • iNav compatible drone flight controller flashed with iNav software. Currently supported boards are: Naze32, Flip32, CC3D, SPracingF3, Sparky, RDMO
  • GPS module connected to flight controller board. This example shows how to do it for Flip32, but it will work for all other boards, only UART pins might be different
  • Magnetometer connected and properly calibrated
  • Barometer connected
  • EZ-GUI Ground Station Android application that will act as Mission Planner. Official Cleanflight Configurator does not support this function yet
  • Bluetooth telemetry. Some time ago I have written how to do it for Flip32, but it will work almost the same for all other flight controllers, only UART pins might be different


  1. Open Modes tab in Configurator and enable NAV WP flight mode on one of AUX channels. This is required to turn on and off Missions when neededConfigurator Waypoints flight mode
  2. Having Bluetooth telemetry set up and EZ-GUI application configured, open EZ-GUI and connect to iNavEZ-GUI Ground Station
  3. Goto Info tab. Mission Planner button should be visible. If not, most probably GPS, Baro or Mag sensors are not connected and/or configuredEZ-GUI Info tab
  4. Run Mission Planner. You will see map showing yours and drones locationEZ-GUI Mission Planner
  5. Tap screen to put a new waypoint. You can have several of them, for first tries I suggest not to fly too far. 100m should be enough to get familiar with this functionEZ-GUI Waypoints
  6. Taping “hamburger menu” will reveal list of entered waypoints and additional options. Each waypoint can be edited (target altitude, action) or deleted hereEZ-GUI Waypoint list
    EZ-GUI Waypoint Edit
  7. When you are done with mission planning hit Upload mission button


After uploading mission to flight controller you are ready to start.

  1. Ensure you have good GPS fix. iNav will not let you arm without 3D GPS fix, but this can be disabled. And the way I see it, it’s better not to try to enable mission mode without very good GPS fix
  2. Arm your drone and take it into the air in Angle or Horizon mode. You can take off in Position Hold as well, but I’ve learned that it’s better to do in without GPS
  3. When in air, engage NAV WP. Drone should automatically reach first waypoint’s position and altitude, then second’s and so on…
  4. Keep a finger on flight modes switch to be ready to go back to Angle/Horizon model on any sign of trouble. Hopefully it will not be needed, but forewarned is forearmed
  5. If last waypoint’s action was Waypoint, drone will engage Position Hold there. If it was Return To Home, it will do it and land

15 thoughts to “iNav: Cleanflight learned how to do missions”

      1. great, thanks for the info. it’s been quite a while since compiling code with c lol.. for start will do testing and watching the thread, pull from github then perhaps i can help more . just finished upgrading my cc3d atom with magnetometer and gps. looks like barometer is also needed 🙁 especially for RTH and other gps mode

        1. Not needed baro or mag if you use iNav with airplanes. Just GPS + CC3D and you will have a full RTH/WP MISSIONS aircraft.

  1. I have acc3d controler, with iNav firmware.
    My problem to use this is; how do i connect the BT module if i already use the 2 ports with baro and gps, one in each port (main and flex port)?

    1. I dont know if you could connect the baro to the 8 pin connector.

      Anyway, if you cannot, try to get a naze clone with baro and use MSP in UART1 for BT and GPS goes to UART2.

  2. I flashed the firmware to a naze 32 and it went OK… when I tried to connect it to the GUI I got nothing…. I am assuming there is a version board limit ….. a how to do video would be great…… cheers

  3. hello
    thank you for the excellent work
    i have naze32 rev6 and i wan’t doing mission planner.
    first i have problem to configure in same time gps(mtk nmea) and receiver(futaba sbus), have you some ideas?
    secondly, what would i wan’t to do mission planner?wifi,gps?which is the best and advantages inconvenients?
    thank you

  4. thanks for excellent explanation.. i’m trying with sp racing f3, do you think HC-06(which you used for Flip32) would work just the way it did in Flip 32 ? or should i try different bluetooth telemetry ? if you happened to any of suggestion, let me know

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