INAV Braking Mode for multirotors

Flying with a multirotor drone with INAV always had a problem: braking. When you were flying fast and then release the stick, a drone was not braking very fast, then it was going back to the place where you released the sticks. Rubberbanding. Irritating.

Over the time there were at least 2 attempts to fix it. Mine is at least the 3rd one and is called “Braking Mode”. How it works:

  • when you release the sticks and speed is high enough, the drone is allowed to boost braking angle and speed
  • when braking is done, speed is low or close to zero, the current position is stored and new target position. Rubberbanding is gone

3 thoughts to “INAV Braking Mode for multirotors”

  1. Awesome! Wished this for a long time ago, mainly operating cinematic mini quads. Something similar to APM “Loiter” mode vs. GPS Pos.Hold.
    Any chance to include it in INAV 2.0?
    Best regards and keep it up, guys!

  2. Hi Pawel, does the testing firmware for this braking effect include the recent GPS fix that came in at 2.0.1?
    Thanks for all your hard work, us guys do appreciate it. :-)

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