INAV Airspeed Sensor – which one to choose

INAV flight controllers gives you the option to install airspeed sensor on your airplane, just like in Pixhawk and Ardupilot. And just like in case of Pixhawk and Ardupilot, you have several options in terms of the hardware. Airspeed sensors, also known as Pitot tubes, come in two variants: digital and analog.

Matek Airspeed Sensor ASPD-7002

Digital Airspeed Sensors

Devices based on MS4525 digital differential pressure sensor. They are connected via I2C bus using SDA and SCL pins. They are more expensive than analog sensors, but also give slightly better accuracy. Example Digital Airspeed Sensor

Analog Airspeed Sensors

Just like digital, are also based on differential pressure sensors, but they output measured pressure difference as analog value. Based on MPXV7002 chip. They have to be connected to a free Analog input on a flight controller. On top of that, all 7002 sensors output value between 0 and 5V, while flight controllers can read only between 0 and 3.3V.
This is why, if airspeed sensor, or a flight controller, does not have to built-in voltage divider, you have to build your own one.

There are exemptions from this rule tho. Matek Airspeed Sensor has a divider ready on 1/2 pin. Latest Matek WING flight controllers like F722-WING or F-765 WING have special pins called Air that can accept 5V voltages. Always check hardware specification! Analog Airspeed Sensor for INAV, APM, Pixhawk

More about airspeed sensors and INAV:

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