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INAV 2.5.2 – what is new, and should you upgrade?

The patch release of INAV, version 2.5.2 was released just today. Below you will find the list of the most critical changes and advice if to update from 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 to 2.5.2.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that affected INAV OSD menu for editing servo mixer weights. It was not possible to have negative weights. Right now it is possible to edit both positive and negative servo mixer rules
  • Fixed buffer overflow in OSD code
  • Fixed RPM Filter center frequency computation bug that was introduced in INAV 2.5.0. INAV 2.5.2 correctly handles RPM Filter and sets dynamic notch filters in on correct frequencies

New targets:

  • Flywoo Goku F411 micro flight controller suitable for all 2 and 3-inch builds with 16x16mm mounting holes
  • Flywoo Goku F7 Dual and Flywoo Goku F7 Mini flight controllers
  • Foxeer F722 V2 and Foxeer F722 Mini
  • HGLRC Zeus F722
  • SpeedyBee F7 STM32F722 flight controller with integrated BLE Bluetooth module for SpeedyBee app

Should you upgrade to INAV 2.5.2

You should upgrade all drones and airplanes if you are using INAV older than 2.5.0. Older versions of INAV are no longer supported and INAV 2.5 family has many bugfixes and improvements.

If you are using INAV 2.5.0 or INAV 2.5.1 then upgrade is highly recommended for multirotor users as it fixes issues with ESC Telemetry and RPM Filtering. It is also a very simple process since when updating from INAV 2.5.x there were no settings related changes.

One thought to “INAV 2.5.2 – what is new, and should you upgrade?”

  1. Running betaflight on my flywoo explorer lr and gps rescue and want to try inav but not sure if RTH would work without the compass or magnometer so why run inav just wondering if it would work on the micro 16×16 stack

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