INAV 1.8 is just around the corner

Next release of INAV, navigation enabled flight controller software, is almost here. INAV 1.8 RC1 has been released just 2 days ago. List of changes is rather long, so here is shortened version with the most important things:

  • STM32F1 boards like Naze and CC3D are no longer supported. INAV 1.7.3 is the last version that can used on those boards. All F1 users are encouraged to migrate to F3 or F4 boards
  • INAV is now able to get current time from GPS. Time is saved in blackbox logs and can be displayed on OSD
  • SmartAudio (TBS Unify Pro video transmitters) and TrampHV video transmitter support. When connected over free UART (TX pin only) and properly configured, band, channel and output power can be changed using OSD and CMS subsystem. Changing this over MSP and SmartPort on a OpenTX radio (Taranis, Taranis Q X7) with Betaflight LUA script is not tested yet and probably does not work (yet)
  • Receiver type is no longer selected using feature command. There is receiver_type CLI variable instead. Configurator handles this in transparent way
  • Multiple OSD changed. And by multiple, I really mean multiple. Not only is has better update rate but also takes less memory and less CPU time. On top of that, new OSD elements has been added as well:
    • Combined "On time"/"Fly time"
    • System messaged indicator showing additional modes information, arm failure reasons, navigation stages
    • Average cell voltage
    • New throttle indicator showing also throttle requested by navigation subsystem, not only by user
    • Time indicator
    • Heading graph indicator
    • VTX band and channel, required SmartAudio or TrampHV
    • Distance alarm
    • Negative altitude alarm
  • AUX channels have been remapped to RC channels. AUX 1 is now CH 5, AUX 2 is CH 6 and so on. Be careful when restoring rc map from dump!
  • Navigation modes override MOTOR_STOP. This solves the problem of motors shutting down in rare cases when Navigation modes were enebled
  • Several other changes and bugfixes

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