INAV 1.7.2 has been released

“Let’s do the news….” and INAV 1.7.2 has been released yesterday. Besides new targets (MATEKF405, Alienflight F7, SP Racing F3 NEO) there are few quite important changes:

  • ADC channel to function mapping is now configurable. Any ADC using function (battery voltage, current, RSSI) can be assigned to any ADC pin. You smoked Current pin? No problem, now you can use RSSI for that. It can be done using vbat_adc_channel, rssi_adc_channel, current_adc_channel, airspeed_adc_channel CLI commands
  • Support for analog pitot tubes, based on MPXV7002DP, known as APM Airspeed Sensor. It requires some hacking, but is pretty simple. I will publish detailed instructions in a next few days
  • Servo handling improvements:
    • servo min and max now do what they are supposed to be doing: output is scaled to reach them on max/min input, not just clip. And that means, that aileron differential is not super simple to archive
    • servo rule speed is now defined as 1 speed = 10 us/s. So, speed 100 means that full servo sweep will be done in 1 second. speed 50 means full servo sweep in 2 seconds and so on
    • smix min and max parameters were removed
  • Support for eLeReS receivers built into KFC flight controllers
  • Total flight statistics via stats, stats_total_time and stats_total_dist CLI commands
  • AnyFC F7 improvements:
    • buzzer on output #9
    • SD card detection is now configurable via sdcard_detect_inverted
    • support for external barometers using ANYFCF7_EXTERNAL_BARO target
  • Fixed wing landing after RTH that I already described here

Full list of changes is available here.

4 thoughts on “INAV 1.7.2 has been released”

  1. Yeah rushing headlong gulping new targets is what pleases the masters.
    ….. less so obviously the need to clean up the maze which the documentation of INAV has become , with myriad of scattered sides note, all left overs with disputable validity, limited scope and shifting vocabulary .
    INAV has become truly an experimental entity ( not digital) leaving ultimately trial and error as only key for its understanding.

    1. Somehow people are figuring it out and flying INAV wil great success. INAV began as a hobby project and it still is a hobby project, despite having several thousands active users. Developers are not paid for what they do, you know – it’s all about the community contributing to making the software better.
      You are more than welcome to join the club and help cleaning up the documentation mess. On the other hand nobody is forcing you to use INAV, so you are also free to use something else if proper documentation is something of major importance to you.

  2. yeah people figuring out .. why it doesn’t work as it should or behave as it does ,how it became so convoluted after layers of patchwork , why maintenance is that much neglected, why always more of the Christmas tree approach is endeavored instead of consolidation

    yeah developers are not paid for what they do ..and do therefore only what they fancy to do or not

    and yeah the beauty of all of this is that the inspired master -that is you- is expecting that the community need to clean up the mess you leave behind .. or shut up and go away !

    I have another dream 😉

    1. Nobody is expecting anyone to do anything. However, everyone will appreciate someone’s effort to write the docs. Might be me…

      What would you prefer me to do – fixing bugs, or documenting them in neat and organized way as “features of the software”? I hope you’d prefer the former 😉

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