How to use INAV Autotune

Autotune (or Auto Tune) that is present in INAV for quite a long time is a working solution for tuning PID (or rather PIFF) controller used by INAV on fixed wings (all airplanes, flying wings). Not like all the attempts designed for multirotors, this one actually works.

INAV Autotune can be used on any airplane and is fairly simple to use as long as you follow a few simple steps:

One thought to “How to use INAV Autotune”

  1. I think where auto tune is going wrong with quadcopters, is that you need different PID’s for different manoeuvres e.g. the PID’s required for position hold, would be different to that of the quad flying around or different to quad landing or taking off.
    This is why DJI drones fly so good, I believe they apply different PID’s depending on what the drone is doing.

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