I have a nasty habit of buying things and then forgetting about them. Something like that happened to Tiny Frsky 8CH Receiver (Wolfbox F802 software compatible) from Banggood I've purchased last year. For some time I used it in JJPro P175 quadcopter, but then it landed in a box and I forgot about until last week.

Tiny FrSky 8CH DIY Receiver Pinout

So, let's do overdue "hands on" on Tiny Frsky 8CH Receiver from Banggood...

  1. It's really small, 12x25mm and weights only 3g
  2. It has only SBus and PPM output, no PWM outputs at all
  3. Bind button in place, no need to short any pins or so. Just power with button pressed to bind
  4. Output mode is defined by 2 DIP switches, and it can output either SBus or PPM
  5. It works in D8 mode, so both XJT and DJT FrSky modules (as well as Taranis) can connect
  6. Singe antenna, no diversity, but antenna is a dipole
  7. Specification states 800m of range. I'm not so sure about it, but let's say I was using it at the distance up to 200m and had no problems with range
  8. It has 2 analog inputs for voltage telemetry, A1 and A2. Both analog inputs are quipped with 1:3 voltage dividers (3.3kOhm and 10kOhm), so max safe voltage for telemetry inputs is 13.2V
  9. Software can be updated, but it requires ISP programmer and some soldering. I will write separate entry on that topic
  10. It is possible for Tiny Frsky 8CH Receiver to accept FrSky telemetry from flight controller, but it requires software update and inverter. I will write more on that topic some other time

Tiny FrSky 8CH DIY Receiver