Hands on: Matek 5.8GHz 40CH VTX-HV in an interesting form factor

Is it only me, or is Matek starting to build very good FPV hardware? I think everybody knows Matek's PDB. Matek F405 flight controller series is also very popular. But do you know Matek also started to build VTXes? I didn't and when a friend showed me this:

Matek VTX-HV 5.8GHz 40CH 25mW/200mW/500mW

I almost knew I want one. Matek 5.8GHz 40CH VTX-HV is quite interesting design. It can be mounted above flight controller: M3 mounting holes are 30.5 apart. That's not all, it supports serial protocol (Tramp), can be powered from 5V rail or main LiPo (7-24V), has u.fl IPX connector, comes with small dipole antenna and SMA pigtail, has 3 power levels (25mW, 200mW and 500mW) and supports Raceband.

Matek VTX-HV 5.8GHz 40CH 25mW/200mW/500mW

But the best feature are: 2 buttons and a set of LEDs. It really makes setup super easy. Press Button A to select function, press Button B to cycle options (power, band, channel). And current state is presented with LEDs. Cool. Not like with TBS Unify Pro where you have to count blinks!

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Bangood stated it uses SmartAudio, but it is not true. It is ImmersionRC Tramp protocol. Thank you Andrey for pointing that out.

2 thoughts to “Hands on: Matek 5.8GHz 40CH VTX-HV in an interesting form factor”

  1. I have VTX-HV 4 months already. It use IRC/Tramp, not SmartAudio. It is definitely great VTX. Only thing which I doesn’t like in it – IPEX antenna cable connector. Not the best solution on crashes. In some positions it is quite prone for cable connector coming off from board and cable tearing out of connector which happened for me too once. MMCX connector is much better for that. Seems Matek guys realized that by themselwes. New VTX-HV revisions and FCHUB-VTX have MMCX connector instead of IPEX one.

  2. I have it on two builds now and I am very happy with it. Although the IPEX connector gets loose when working on repairs it never happend to me in flight.
    Matek has come out with many new and well made products recently. I can only recommend Matek.

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