Thanks to GearBest I have a new quadcopter to test and review: JJRC JJPro P175 True-X 4" min-quad.

First of all, it is Ready-To-Fly (RTF) product. Everything required to fly is inside white box:

JJ Pro P175 box

JJPro P175 comes assembled with accessories and radio transmitter:

JJ Pro P175 box 2

JJ Pro P175 quad

jj Pro 175 transmitter 2

There are some accessories too:

  • 2S-3S charger (800mA per cell)
  • 3S battery
  • 2 sets of 4045 Bullnose propellers
  • Detachable GoPro Hero mount that has to be assembled
  • 5.8GHz "mushroom" antenna. Not a single word about polarization, but I've opened it and it was RHCP
  • 2 props/motor wrenches

JJ Pro P175 accessories

Here are P175 specs:

  • Motors: EMAX RS2205 2600KV
  • ESC: Emax Lightning 20A
  • Flight controller: Emax Skyline32 Acro (so, basically it is Naze32)
  • 600mW 48CH 5.8GHz video transmitter (geez... who needs 600mW on a mini-quad?)
  • 800TVL CMOS camera

Arms are 3mm thick, bottom plate is 1.5mm thick, middle plate (actually, it's a PDB is 1.55mm thick and top plate is 2mm. Frame is quite stiff, but I would prefer 2mm bottom plate. Just to play it safe.

JJ Pro P175 quad itself

jj Pro 175 quad 2

Radio... Well, radio is probably the weakest element of whole set. Super extra cheap and simple EM-16. In this case branded as JJPro. It looks like FlySky FS-i6 without LCD and 2 switches. But if it is really the same radio link that FlySky uses (AFHDS 2A), that should give 1km range. More than enough.

jj Pro 175 transmitter

To start flying, you only have to connect VTX antenna and battery. Even radio transmitter is already binded. The only thing that took me some time, was to figure out how to mount battery! Really, it was more complicated than I expected.

Note about VTX. According to specs, it should be 48 channel. Probably this is true, but by default it was set to Band E (FR3) and users manual says nothing how to change band. I will investigate it in following days.

JJ Pro P175 quad with battery

By default, JJPro P175 is flashed with Cleanflight 1.13 and preconfigured. Not tuned, but really ready to fly. Because it is raining almost all day long, I had only a short LOS session in Angle mode. What can I say... PIDs are flyable, rates have to be higher, it really requires tuning to fly fast. But beginners should be happy with defaults.

Proper review will follow.

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