Since cameras like GoPro Session are heavy and my FPV goggles (Skyzone SKY-01) lacks built-in DVR, I've purchased DVR by Eachine: Eachine ProDVR. There is probably enough written on the web how it's made and that it has problems with PAL signal and there are hacks to fix it. Oh well...

Eachine ProDVR

Instead, here are just some pros and cons, and short summary at the end.


  • Let's be honest here. This thing is cheap! And that kinds of explains all the cons it might have
  • Video quality is much better than I expected it to be. I was feared that video stream would be scattered and there will be visible degradation of quality. I was wrong, and video quality is just fine
  • Quite small in size

Eachine ProDVR


  • Yes, it does have a problem when recording PAL. And this is not something that I can understand. Most of the world is using PAL, not NTSC after all...
  • It consumer quite a lot of electricity. LM7805 powered from 3S is very hot when powering Eachine ProDVR
  • JST connectors in this case are total crap. While I understand them on flight controller, I do not understand why they are used here. It's just crap!

Eachine ProDVR mounted behind LCD screen

Eachine ProDVR mounted behind LCD screen

Example recording can be seen here:

and here


Funny thing... after purchasing Eachine ProDVR I've realized, I do not really need it so much... But it is useful when recording video from my MiniWing. There is just not enough room and small airplanes to install proper camera like GoPro or RunCam. So, I do not feel like I've wasted my money on it, but well... I could have live without it as well...