I like to travel light. Also when going flying. This is why I'm not the biggest fan of all those metal or plastic suitcases. Not my style. I prefer a backpack, mini quadcopter attached on the outside of it, flying wing in one hand, travel chair in the second. Done.

Sometimes suitcases becomes handy (after all they provide some privacy and protection), so when I saw this little Eachine DIY Suitcase I've decided to give it a try. Description says that it can hold ZMR250, so also should not have any problems with 220 mini quad. It does have a problem after all...

Overall build quality is better than I expected. It really gives an impression of something that will not fall apart after few months of usage. External material feels durable, as well as whole suitcase. It is also quite rigid. Little carying hand is handy too.

Interior is filled with "precut" sponge. You have to make it fit whatever you want to cary inside by removing unwanted sponge rectangles. You have to be careful here. Once you remove any fragment of sponge, you no longer can put it in place. OK, you can, but it will not hold.

And now, you see why it has a problem with my Reptile X4R 220 mini quad? Suitcase is big enough to cary it, but not with 3 blade props. 2 bladed props? No problem. 3 bladed do not fit. Since I do not like to remove props, this suitcase will have to find different usage. Probably it will be used to cary telemetry and FPV gear that do not fit my backpack.