After moving to new, 4S powered, mini-quad based on Reptile X4R 220, EMAX RS2205 2300KV and FVT Littlebee 20A, I've discovered that I'm missing some power. DALprop 5040 and DALprop T5040 I've been using on 3S did not delivered enough power. So, I've gave DALprop TJ5045 a try.

According to specs, they should be most efficient from all DAL 5045 family. Well, efficiency will be determined, one thing is sure: they surely give much more thrust and pitch speed comparing to T5040.

Dalprop TJ5045 top

Dalprop TJ5045

Thrust and speed improved a lot. ATM, hover is at about 32% of throttle and climb rate is impressive. I love it! They also seem to be little quieter that T5040.

Dalprop TJ5045 on Reptile X4R 220

They are also durable. Maybe I'm not crashing as often as before, but when I do, it's much more spectacular. Today I had two of those spectacular crashes and all propellers survived. Nice.