GPS Racer: worklog #6

I have to admit, I have a talent for building ugly looking quadcopters and airplanes. But this is a step forward. This is the ugliest quadcopter I’ve ever seen… just look at it… So ugly, that almost beautiful…

GPS Racer with RunCam Night Eagle and IR projectors

Those two “eyes” are IR projectors and that almost not visible FPV camera is RunCam Night Eagle… First flight this weekend!

4 thoughts to “GPS Racer: worklog #6”

  1. How did you wire everything in this build please ?

    -How many UART on the board ?
    -onboard OSD or minimOSD ?
    -which device on which UART ?
    -which device on which Softserial if any ?

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi,

      This is Omnibus F4 Pro (v2 I think) so it has 3 UARTs, but UART3 is shared with i2c. In this build:

      * uart1 – GPS
      * uart3/i2c – magnetometer
      * uart6 – SmartPort

      Internal OSD, no SoftSerials

  2. I wonder what will be the effective range of the IR projectors.
    Once I used similar setup, but with visible-light LEDs. Indoors – it was able to illuminate whole room. But outdoors… any potential obstacle was always too far and out of range.
    On the other hand, the LEDs were so bright that I couldn’t stand watching the machine approaching, even during a day. I wonder if it is safe to stare as IR light equally strong…?

    1. Night Eagle sees in dark 🙂 So IR projectors are only an addition here. Their impact is visible up to 3-4m . I will try to add a video from some night flying in next few days

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