GPS Racer: worklog #4

Yesterday I finally maidened my GPS Racer in full FPV configuration. RunCam Owl Plus and VTX finally arrived, it was not raining, so I took recording gear after sunset and went flying.

To be precise, it was not “night”. But it was pretty dark. Too dark for my RunCam Swift. Owl Plus was sensitive enough to fly. It was not perfect, but doable. Next step: not IR blocked lens and IR emitter for real night flying. Both have been ordered.

Plus, thanks to GPS and OSD I finally saw the speed this thing can do. 92km/h recorded, but that was not the limit on those 6030 props. I do not think I’ve opened throttle to max…

2 thoughts to “GPS Racer: worklog #4”

  1. Hi, Dziku!
    What kind of OSD software is that? MWOSD with some special characters? I didn’t see till now such a fancy vertical accelerometer (with triangles). Also, the “navigation map” style home indicator is new to me… Maybe it’s time to research the new releases… 🙂
    Congrats for the maiden!

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