frsky r-xsr pinout

FrSky R-XSR pinout

FrSky R-XSR Pinout

  • GND – ground wire
  • +3,5-10V – positive voltage supply. R-XSR is rated up to 10V and powering it from 5V is the best option
  • SmartPort – inverted S.Port pin (standard) – can be used directly with STM32F3 and F7 series
  • SBUS – SBUS protocol output
  • SBUS Input – for redundancy function only
  • Uninverted SmartPort – uninverted S.Port pin (standard is inverted) – can be used directly all flight controllers on any serial port
  • Uninverted SBUS – uninverted SBUS protocol output (standard is inverted)

One thought to “FrSky R-XSR pinout”

  1. I believe i had to use the inverted bus for my F722-SE board. it took some time to figure that out. but was so happy to finally see my telemetry come up on my radio! did you install that jack? if so, i like that idea. Russ from Ocala, FLorida, USA

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