Why can't I buy DJI goggles anymore

All of you who tried to buy FPV goggles in the last three months might have noticed that it was not a trivial endeavor. Starting from the last December, the DJI Goggles and Air Units and Caddx Vistas availability was limited. To some extent, it was due to increased demand just before Christmas and so some, because V1 goggles production ended a few months ago and what we were getting on the market were units produced probably in the Q2-Q3 of 2020.

DJI FPV goggles

You might ask, "DJI is no longer producing FPV goggles?". The answer to these questions is both yes and no. DJI is no longer producing V1 goggles and probably for a few months was not producing goggles at all! V1 manufacturing ended, but V2 manufacturing was delayed, and the transition was not seamless.

As a result, in December 2020 and January/first half of February 2021, there were no new goggles on the market at all. When I write those words, the situation seems to improve as first retailers announce that they can ship V2 units to final customers.


DJI V2 are here, but...

The other aspect of the DJI FPV is what Goggles V2 are and what they are not. Let's begin with the second part: V2 goggles are not what many users expected!

Somewhere in December 2020, every time someone asked if they should buy DJI FPV goggles, some smart people were saying: "wait until V2 are out, prices of V1 will drop and everybody will be migrating, and you will save a lot of cash on that deal". Today we know it was not true!

Yes, V2 goggles are better, but the difference is minimal from the pilots' point of view. You get:

  • Higher screen refresh rate, but not higher fps rate
  • Slightly higher resolution
  • Higher max. input voltage (max 6S vs 4S)
  • Video output via USB-C

Are those changes worth the upgrade? It depends on what you need. For me? No! End of story.

The only practical change is the official ability to work with 2.4GHz frequency. But most probably, this applies only when you will also have the DJI FPV drone. After all, nothing changes on the Air Unit or Caddx Vista.

Long story short... V2 is rather a V1 update and nothing else. So far there are no features that make you spend those extra bucks on new goggles. Oh well.