Flight with iNav and HC-12 433MHz based telemetry link video

In my last post about HC-12 RF modules I showed my DIY telemetry rig for UAVs and quite promising result of 450m in open space. Today I post edited video of that flight. Most of the time it is Acro mode. PosHold and RTH are engaged in second half video material. Weather was rather windy with strong gusts, specially on altitude above 15 meters.

Quadcopter in controller by SPRacingF3 running iNav pre-1.1 with Beitian BN-880 GPS module and BMP-280 barometer.

2 thoughts to “Flight with iNav and HC-12 433MHz based telemetry link video”

  1. Hi. Would love to see a connection diagram for your rig, showing your FC, receiver, and sensors, GPS, Bluetooth, Sonar, HC-12, (LEDs?) etc. Thank you, and really enjoy your blog.

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