Fear not, INAV 2.0 is here

We have finally done it! The first release candidate for INAV 2.0 is open for download. You can get it together with INAV Configurator 2.0 from GitHub.

What changed? The list is very very long and to be honest it is probably the biggest INAV release ever. There are over 200 tickets connected with INAV 2.0 release. The full list is just too long to publish over here. The shortcut of most important things is for you in a form of a video:

3 thoughts to “Fear not, INAV 2.0 is here”

  1. Just about to start a new iNav build with the Matek 405-CTR. looking forward to see how she runs on 2.0!!!!!
    thanks for all your hard work!
    Russ from Coral Springs, Florida, USA

  2. I fly Betaflight but just doing some free-style on my own mostly (not racing). So moving to iNav (which I’ve just discovered) seems like a great idea to get GPS hold and return to home functionality. Would there be anything I would miss from Betaflight if I moved to iNav?

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