Chinesium is amazing. Well, to be precise, not only chinesium manufacturers will do anything just to stand off a little. Just like this little (120mm) quadcopter frame called EXUAV Y120S. Why do I even bother to write about it? Simple: I love crazy designs. Just look at those pictures below:

EXUAV Y120S 120mm Mini racing frame

No, it's not a tricopter. It is a quadcopter. But where is the 4th arm and where 4th motor goes? Below rear motor! It's a Y with 2 motors on arms in the front and 2 motors on one arm in the back. Rear motors are counter-rotating!

EXUAV Y120S 120mm Mini racing frame 2

Is it better than classical quadcopter X layout? Nope. Rear lower motor (propeller actually) works in a propwash of upper one and has limited performance. It depends on many factors, but usually, the performance of the 4th motor is limited to 80%-60%. So no way it can fly better than classical X frame. But it looks cool for sure!

EXUAV Y120S 120mm Mini racing frame

Besides the fact it's not flying like it supposed to, EXUAV Y120S frame has:

  • 3mm arm thickness
  • fits 20x20mm flight controller
  • suggested motors: 1407, 1306, 1506
  • propellers: 3 inch
  • fits RunCam Split and FPV camera
  • weight: 47g

For a short moment I even wanted to buy this frame since I love crazy design like that. But then I've decided not too. I might design 3D printed version tho...

All images were taken from Banggood, but like always, I'm pretty sure they do not mind at all.