EXUAV Y120S drone racing frame: go home designer, you are drunk

Chinesium is amazing. Well, to be precise, not only chinesium manufacturers will do anything just to stand off a little. Just like this little (120mm) quadcopter frame called EXUAV Y120S. Why do I even bother to write about it? Simple: I love crazy designs. Just look at those pictures below:

EXUAV Y120S 120mm Mini racing frame

No, it’s not a tricopter. It is a quadcopter. But where is the 4th arm and where 4th motor goes? Below rear motor! It’s a Y with 2 motors on arms in the front and 2 motors on one arm in the back. Rear motors are counter-rotating!

EXUAV Y120S 120mm Mini racing frame 2

Is it better than classical quadcopter X layout? Nope. Rear lower motor (propeller actually) works in a propwash of upper one and has limited performance. It depends on many factors, but usually, the performance of the 4th motor is limited to 80%-60%. So no way it can fly better than classical X frame. But it looks cool for sure!

EXUAV Y120S 120mm Mini racing frame

Besides the fact it’s not flying like it supposed to, EXUAV Y120S frame has:

  • 3mm arm thickness
  • fits 20x20mm flight controller
  • suggested motors: 1407, 1306, 1506
  • propellers: 3 inch
  • fits RunCam Split and FPV camera
  • weight: 47g

For a short moment I even wanted to buy this frame since I love crazy design like that. But then I’ve decided not too. I might design 3D printed version tho…

All images were taken from Banggood, but like always, I’m pretty sure they do not mind at all.

6 thoughts to “EXUAV Y120S drone racing frame: go home designer, you are drunk”

    1. Yea, sure. If second propeller has adjusted pitch so it can work with accelerated air. But this is not the case in our hobby, right?

      1. You could stick a 3030 prop on the top and a 3040 underneath.

        I like interesting designs like this as well. Not sure how well this one would work in practice thought.

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