Wireless receivers, transmitters and wireless development boards

HC-06 Bluetooth module

HC-06 Bluetooth module

You think Bluetooth module, you say HC-06. OK, maybe it's an overstatement, but truth to be told, HC-06 Bluetooth modules are the workhorses everywhere where the serial-over-Bluetooth connection is required. They can be programmed with AT commands and be used for various applications.

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RCmall LoRa32u4 868/915MHz Arduino LoRa development board

BSFrance LoRa32u4 II 868MHz LoRa development board

You want to start with wireless communication and LoRa? Go with LoRa32u4. It uses well-known ATmega32u4 and is 100% compatible with the Arduino platform. Built-in SX1276 compatible RF chipset can give a few kilometers of range. My Crossbow DIY LRS radio system is built with those boards.

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LORA32 LoRa ESP32 OLED V2.0 868/915Mhz development board

ESP32 LoRa LoRa32 development board with OLED and LoRa radio

ATmega32u4 is not enough? Looking for something more powerful with WiFi, Bluetooth, and LoRa? Why not TTGO LORA32 v2. The same LoRa chipset as in LoRa32u4 and can be used almost like regular Arduino board. Oh, it has an OLED too. SD card slot and can be run from a LiPo. Awesome!

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CDEBYTE E32-868T20D LoRa serial wireless module

Chengdu Ebyte E45-TTL-100 868MHz LoRa serial wireless module

CDEBYTE E32-868T20D is the replacement for discontinued E45-TTL-100 that I was using for some of my projects. It is equipped with the sam Semtech SX1276 LoRa 868MHz radio chipset and can easily do a few kilometers on the ground level. Relatively simple to use, since it works as a serial passthrough and you do not have to program the RF chipset itself. More about this kind of modules is available here.

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HC-12 433MHz serial passthrough module

HC-12 serial wireless module

Another wireless serial module. This time it's not LoRa but good old FSK. Although it uses "older" technology, it's still a quite good choice when you want to send some data over the radio and do not program RF chipset directly.


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