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Good field screwdriver kit – XIAOMI Mijia Wiha

XIAOMI Mijia Wiha 24 in 1 Multi-purpose screwdriver kit

Xiaomi Mijia Wiha is a quite decent screwdriver kit. A nice slick case, good handle, decent bits. The only problem I have with it is lack of H2.5 and H3 bits in a default kit. Luckily, additional bits can be purchased separately under the name Xiaomi Wowstick Bit Set. Set X1 has both H2.5 and H3, so you can make your own set.

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Heat Shrink Tubes for LiPo rewrap

Heat Shrink Tube for LiPo rewrap

Nothing lasts long, even the best LiPo batteries. One of the first things that die is either cells or heat shrink that hold them together. Why not neatly replace broken heat shrink instead of using insulating tape? You can see how it's done here

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Solder wick aka copper braid aka desoldering wire

solder wick desoldering wire

Soldering is easy. Desoldering, and especially removing sold solder from THT components can be a real problem. "Solder sucker" not always is an option too. So, solder wick aka copper braid aka desoldering wire to the rescue.

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