Antenna making shopping list

I like to make my own antennas. Maybe not 5.8GHz, but everything with a frequency lower than that: 2.4GHz, 868MHz, 433MHz. All the good frequencies used for remote control.

Of course, to make a good antenna you will need some equipment. Here is my selection of it:

N1201SA Antenna SWR Vector Network Analyzer

N1201SA Antenna SWR Vector Network Analyzer

You can make antennas without SWR meter, but if you have one, everything is so much simpler. N1201SA is maybe a simple and cheap one, but gets the job done pretty well. Works up to 2.5GHz so you rather will not measure any FPV antenna, but it's great for LRS, telemetry and RC systems.

My review of N1201SA is available on YouTube

Get it from Aliexpress or Banggood

Antenna tubes

Antenna tubes

To make an antenna is one, but then to make it good looking and durable, you have to protect it somehow. For example with antenna tubes. They are cheap, come in many colors and give antenna this "semi professional" look.

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Coax wire

RG-178 and RG-316 coax wire

My two coaxial wires of choice are RG-178 and RG-316. First one is better suited for 433/868MHz systems and receivers while RG-316 works better in transmitters since is much thicker and stiffer.

You can get both from Aliexpress: RG-178 RG-316

RG-178 RG-316 crimping tool for SMA/RP-SMA connectors

RG-178 RG-316 crimping tool for SMA/RP-SMA connectors

Everything is simpler if you can just crimp those SMA/RP-SMA connectors with a proper tool. Pliers can be used if really really needed, but crimper is just so much better. I'm using this one. It is fine to crimp on a RG-178 and RG-316

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Wire cutter

DANIU Electrical Cutting Plier Wire Cable Cutter

Just a wire cutter. Nothing more, nothing less.

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