Excellent FPV shopping list

China is a magical place where you can order almost anything. The only question is the quality of what you get. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes, well… not so much. Over here I will be publishing short descriptions and links to things I think are worth to buy. Best value for the price. All the products I recommend over here I own or owned at one point and they are not sponsored. I just think they are good enough to pay for them since I paid for them and did not regret that decision.

Before we proceed, most of the link out there are affiliate links! That means if you order something I recommend over here, I might get a small commision from the shop. It costs you nothing but helps me to test and review cooler (or not) things for you.

Recommended setups

Flight controllers

Mamba F405 and F40 4in1 ESC combo

Mamba F405 and F40 4in1 ESC combo

It’s amazing how much you can get for $45 these days. For example, surprisingly well made Mamba F405 flight controller and 40A 4-in-1 ESC combo. It might be missing some things comparing to twice-the-price bigger brothers, but for $45 you can not really complain a lot. Surely one the most interesting offers on the market right now!

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Holybro Kakute F4 & Tekko32 35A 4-in-1 – my favorite all in one

Holybro Kakute F4 & Tekko32 35A 4-in-1

I will be honest here. For quite a long time I was against 4-in-1 ESC. After getting this all in one I changed my mind. Holybro Kakute F4 & Tekko32 35A 4-in-1 combo is the thing. Good quality, good design, easy to solder and with all serial ports you will need. On top of that, BlHeli_32 ESC telemetry works out of the box. Ah, soft-mounted gyro on top of Kakute F4 is a nice touch. No more those rubber grommets!

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Matek F405-Wing – the best choice for airplanes

Matek F405-Wing

Probably the best flight controller for airplanes. Created for INAV shines in terms of number of UARTs, built in BECs and overall build quality. The only thing you need extra is a radio receiver, camera, and video transmitter. BEC, OSD, PDB, FC, everything else is just there.

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Motors are a tricky business since what you want depends on what and how you fly. To make that simple, here are some of my choices for different usage scenarios:



The reliable and strong motor that will not break or bend on a first crash and should be all you need when you do not know if you need anything else. Comes in 2300KV and 2600KV versions. Personally, I prefer 2300KV since it’s more efficient but still provides a shitload of power for the size. Quite tough too, since I did not lose a single one of them in 1.5 years.

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RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV camera – best for freestyle

RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV camera

This is my favorite FPV camera as long as drone racing is not required. Amazing colors and light handling. It does not matter if it is light or dark. You can just fly everywhere and always see where you are going. And amazing colors, did I said that already? I think so. Bottom line, this is my first choice when building a new airplane or a drone.

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RunCam Swift 2 – best camera for racing

RunCam Swift 2 FPV Camera

Slightly worse colors than RunCam Eagle 2, but very good light handling and lower latency. Also, FOV is better suited for racing. Currently, I own two of RunCam Swift 2 and do not regret a single cent I’ve spent on them!

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Favorite FPV Antenna – Foxeer Lollipop

My favorite 5.8GHz antenna Foxeer Lollipop

In a half year, I’ve destroyed only one of those small antennas and only because crash was so hard, that SMA connector broke in half on a pigtail. Good quality, good reception. I can recommend them without any problems!

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Power Distribution Board – Matek FCHUB-6S

Matek FCHUB-6S

I know it’s another Matek on the list I would like to tell you that I have better PDB than FCHUB-6S but I can really not… I use it on 4 of my quadcopters: two 5 inchers, 6 incher and 7 incher. So, another Matek on the list. And no, I was not paid to write it and I paid myself for all those PDBs… eh….

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Beitian BN-880 GPS unit with compass

Beitian BN-880 GPS with compass

Beitian BN-880 GPS is probably the best value for the price. It might not be small or super light (two boards connected together) but it gets the job done. GPS, Glonass, Beiduo, Galileo and HMC5883l compass. Not all modules might be updated to latest firmware, but still, it’s my main choice where weight or size is not the main factor. Currently, I own 6 of them!

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More goodies:


Some of the images used on this page were taken from a manufacturer or a shop web and are used only as a quotation.