ESP32 and GPS with a help of TinyGPS++ library

One of the first projects I did with ESP32 development boards is a simple GPS tracker. OK, it's not really a tracker since it does not store the position anywhere, more like distance meter with a UBLOX Neo-8M Beitian BN-880 GPS unit and small SSD1306 OLED display.

This ESP32 GPS Thingy as I call it uses one button to store current position and then report straight line distance, speed and altitude compared to "Home Point". GPS communication is handled by TinyGPS++ library.

Oh, one the best things about ESP32 is that you can map ports to almost any pin you want. It's not like on ATmega328 where UART and I2C are always the same pins. Here you can choose them. How nice is that?

Code is available on GitHub.

One thought to “ESP32 and GPS with a help of TinyGPS++ library”

  1. This looks like a great option to have an ESP32 with LoRa and GPS module send its GPS location to another ESP32 with LoRa and have that one point a compass needle (on LCD) towards the sender. Having two work together would allow each device to point to the other. Never losing friends in a crowd, concert or hiking.
    Have you come across anything like this before?
    Ive had a look online but not sure if i have been using the correct search terms to see if anyone has done this yet

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