DIY brushless motor kit – first failure

Just like it was expected, my first attempt to wind a brushless motor (12N14P) was a failure. Probable cause: short circuit between phases and my creation released magic smoke.

Then I tried for a second time, and failed again. This time less, no smoke, but motor overheats and does not want to start most of the time. I suspect this can be an ESC problem (Emax 30A) that is configured for DampedLight. Perhaps motor is rotation too fast (no load after all) and ESC tries to slow it down. Hard to tell. Tomorrow I will add a propeller and disable DampedLight. Maybe it will help. I will also try WYE configuration. Right now phases are connected in Delta setup.

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  1. Overheating motor usually indicates a stator short. How many turns you wound, was it serial/half-parallel/full-parallel?
    Which gauge wire is supplied with the motor? I suspect you should use 2 strands judging by the size of wire on photo.

      1. Use dLRK evolution, it’s much easier to terminate it you’re going to use Delta, and you’re going to 🙂 0.42mm is 26AWG, I bet it should be wound two strands. TMOTOR also uses 26AWG on similar motors and it’s 2-strand, otherwise ampacity is insufficient.

          1. A photo of your actual winding result may be helpful to spot the issues, did you use pliers to direct and push wire for last turns? Some lubrication may be necessary. You also have to pull on the turns to make them flat, I additionally use a broken bullnose prop to flatten them.

  2. Hi there ,

    Your DIY versatility is amazing…hats off !

    With that comes surely the ability also to switch focus rapidly/effortless between different tasks.

    Here is therefore a question related to another area of expertise of yours ,namely INAV

    Is there a way now ( or one foreseen any time soon) to accommodate for differential ailerons (more up than down in turns) which is a must to optimize performance (minimum of drag) for thermal glider ?


    Francois Veillon

    1. I never dug into this topic, but perhaps this is doable on Servo page via altering min and max servo throw. Mixer should be able to compansate. You would have to check if this suits you, since I suck at thermal gliding 🙂

  3. Yes setting the max/min servo throws is obviously a way to do it and what’s found in the servo tab does actually work as intended.
    This comes as a surprise since the servo tab in INAV contains mostly dysfunctional leftovers from the Cleanflight legacy .
    Thanks anyway for the hint.

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