Depron Airboat Worklog #3

In the beginning, sorry for small delay. I’ve finished this project 4 weeks ago, but somehow it always missed schedule. Anyhow, depron airboat with 3D printed propulsion elements is ready!

3D Printed Depron airboat

3D Printed Depron airboat

And you know what? It’s super cool! Far from perfect, since I’ve did few things wrong, but still super fun. Just watch the video.

So, what I did wrong? The following:

  1. center of gravity is too far back. That makes everything very ustable
  2. motor is not tilted, so torque leans boat to one side and makes turning to the other very hard
  3. rudders are too small
  4. boat bottom should be laminated, but is not. It has a few recesses only after 3 sailing sessions

Final verdict? Great fun, even if far from perfect! But I will need more speed. Maybe next model will be 4S? That would be something…

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