Custom FrSky R9M 868MHz antennas giveaway

As you might have realized, from time to time I’m making an antenna and I have the equipment for it. I’m also strongly considering to produce a small batch of antennas for FrSky R9 long-range radio system since there is a high demand for such antennas.

Custom FrSky R9M dipole antenna

I have made a first small series or FrSky R9M dipoles tuned for the 868MHz EU-LBT version of this radio link and I want to give away 3 of them to my Patrons. If you want one of the 3 antennas:

  1. go to and become my patron if you are not one yet
  2. go to Custom FrSky R9M antenna giveaway post and comment with “I want one”
  3. wait one week until 5th of September 2018

On that day I will randomly choose three commenters and send them brand new, custom made 868MHz FrSky R9M antenna.

FCC 915MHz version giveaway will follow, I’m waiting for parts to arrive in a few weeks.

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