Cleanflight 1.12 released

3 days ago, new version of Cleanflight, STM32F1 and STM32F3 flight controller software has been released. I already wrote few words about it a month ago, but final list of changes and improvements is bigger. Main changes are:

  • Looptime sync to gyro readouts, enabled by default (!),
  • New task scheduler,
  • Air Mode. Finally this awesome feature was merged from Betaflight. If you want to know more what Air Mode is, read this article,
  • Failsafe improvements. And what more important, failsafe can now be configured via Cleanflight Configurator. It has its own tab. To use it you will need Cleanflight 1.12 and Configurator 1.2 or newer,
  • MSP telemetry is gone. It’s replaced with LTM telemetry. Important notice: it is not MSP protocol. Only MSP telemetry was removed, not MSP protocol,
  • New hardware targets,
  • Documentation improvements. OK, this is minor, but I had some input there, and I’m quite pride of it!

I did not installed Cleanflight 1.12 on any of my quads yet, so no idea how it behaves. But 3 days without a path means that there should be no problems. Full release notes are available here

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