BLHeli Configurator Preview

While BLHeli was the best what happened to ESCs since original SimonK firmware, BLHeli has one very serious flaw: BLHeliSuite works only on Windows operating system. Let's be honest here, this sucks. OK, one can use virtual machine and some people succeeded to run it using WINE (I failed) but those are not good solutions.

Now, it changed. There is a 3rd party, operating system independent solution to flash and configure ESC with BLHeli. It is called BLHeli Configurator and can be obtained from GitHub.

BLHeli Configurator 3

It is not perfect software, but works well. Today I have successfully flashed BLHeli 14.8 to my FVT Littlebee 20A and changed some setting. Awesome.

BLHeli Configurator flashing

BLHeli Configurator flash progress

  • BLHeli Configurator is a Chrome application, so it requires Chrome browser
  • Only BLHeli passthrough interface is supported. So, ESCs has to be connected to Cleanflight, Betaflight, INAV or TriFlight
  • ATM setup requires few commands like npm install and npm run build. And that means, NodeJS and NPM are required too
  • Nor all features are implemented or tested. But is developers will keep the pace, it will be an extremely useful peace of code!

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