Betaflight 3.4 – how to get it and what changed

Competition from Butterflight changed the game. I might not be the biggest fan of Butterflight, but one thing is sure: thanks to it, Betaflight took a big lead forward. The best example of it is Betaflight 3.4 that currently is in Release Candidate stage.

The most important changes, that really influences flight (there are more not flight related changes, I will cover them separately) are revisited filtering and PID defaults:

  • Dynamic filtering enabled by default
  • Antigravity enabled by default
  • Gyro stage 1 LPF bumped to 100Hz
  • Gyro stage 2 LPF (not) Kalman FIR2 filter set at 300Hz
  • Dterm filter type set to PT1
  • Gyro notch filters disabled
  • Dterm notch filter disabled
  • Revisited PID gains

Now, it flies wonderfully!

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